The Sausage Nonnas. The world's most elite sausage delivery service.

On Sunday, November 8th, The Sausage Nonnas came to Chicago.

Johnsonville partnered with Uber to deliver The Sausage Nonnas ‐ a fleet of real Italian grandmas in tiny grandma homes ‐ to cook for lucky families on Sausage Sunday.

Meet the Sausage Nonnas

Nonna Antonia

Nonna Antonia hails from Ateleta, Italy, where they hold The Feast of St. Antonio Abate, an annual bonfire and sausage festival. She moved to The States in 1948 and has been cooking her special rigatoni and sausage ever since. In her spare time, Antonia teaches her granddaughter how to make meatballs and knit.

Nonna Gina

Nonna Gina has been cooking meatballs for 55 years. She grew up in a small town outside of Naples where she learned to cook sausage, eat sausage and sing (sometimes about sausage). A virtuoso in the kitchen and a sweetheart in the living room, Gina is passionate about family, food and classic Italian tunes.

Nonna Lidia

Nonna Lidia’s hugs are almost as good as her sausage. And she makes great sausage. Lidia grew up cooking with her mother in Italy. When she moved to America in 1952, she had already perfected the art of sausage lasagna. She enjoys shopping, cooking and partying. Especially when it’s with family.

Sausage Nonna Family Photos